Haama, a global company, specializes in the development and manufacturing of textile and insulation products.
The Company’s advanced product lines are sold all over the world and can be found in many leading international brand names and manufacturers.
Since its establishment in 1964, Haama has become one of the leading global manufacturers of textile and insulation products, setting exceptional standards in terms of excellence, innovation and quality.
Under the management of the third generation Mr. Yaron Harel, Haama continues to adhere to the path of excellence, innovation and high standard quality.
Haama holds an ISO 9001 quality management systems standard, the Oeko-Tex standard certificate, as well as nominations for the world’s leading textile brand names. Haama, is set to lead as a green producer, and started a zero energy manufacturing process since 2009.


Haama offers a variety of tools for architects and planners.


We work with designers and can accommodate various requests.


  • Fusible
  • interlining
  • Pocket linings
  • Waist bands and tapes
  • Zippers Molitan Sewing
  • Thread Fabric lamination
  • Hollow fiber products
  • Snowhite insulation